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This Connecticut-based group showcases a unique, high-energy blend of experienced musicians and exceptionally talented young people.  Performances are tailored to deliver the right combination of Jazz,  Classic Rock and Swing that bests suits each individual audience.   A CD and a full song list is available upon request.

Check out our Upcoming Events for upcoming gigs - we have played at the Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, the Manchester Band Shell, The Hoop City Jazz Festival,  and numerous private and public venues (including town concerts, fairs, restaurants and fundraisers).


   We presently have all positions in the band filled and are not auditioning new members.  We are always looking for new talent for "down the road" as our seniors graduate each year. Please feel free to contact us if you have  interest in joining the band as positions open due to graduation.

If interested, contact  Bruce at saxshooter@aol.com



The Modern Riffs Players: January 2015

 Front Row (L to R): Adam Busa (trombone); Ryan Masotti (keyboards); Justin Gurry (guitar) & Bruce Phelps (co-leader and saxophone).

Middle Row (L to R): Jacob Ouelette (drums); Aaron Ouelette (trumpet).

Back Row (L to R) Alyson Litwin (alto saxophone); Mari Larcheveque (trumpeet); Brianna Tracy (vocalist); and Kim Dubois (co-leader and electric bass).

Not pictured Ryan Litwin (tenor saxophone).


The Modern Riffs Players: May 2013

Pictured Above Rear Row L to R: Greg (guitar), Nathan (keyboard), Bruce (alto sax and co-leader), Ryan (tenor sax), Kyle (drums) and and Kim (bass and co-leader).   Front Row L to R: Roz (trumpet), Alisha (vocalist) and Corrine (trombone).


The Modern Riffs Players: April 2012

Pictured Above Rear Row L to R: Greg (guitar), Corrine (trombone), Roz (trumpet), Ryan (tenor sax), Alisha (vocals), David (vocals), Nathan (keyboard), Kyle (drums) and Connor (drums).  Front Row L to R: Greg (guitar), Bruce (alto sax and co-leader) and Kim (bass and co-leader). This picture includes  new members Roz, Ryan and Kyle.  


The Modern Riffs Players: October 2011

Pictured Above Rear Row L to R: Greg (guitar), Corinne (trombone), Alisha (vocals), Annie (trumpet), Kim (bass and co-leader), Bruce (sax & co-leader). Front Row L to R: Connor (drums), David (vocals) and Nathan (keyboard). This picture includes  new members Alisha, David and Nathan.  


The Modern Riffs Players: February 2011

Pictured Above (L to R): Bruce (alto sax & leader), Corinne (trombone), Connor (drums), Eileen (vocals & flute), Anne (trumpet), Alexandra (tenor sax & keyboard), Greg (guitar), Kim (bass guitar), and Matt (keyboard).  Itís also the last picture for another 3 of our charter members who have moved to college - Eileen, Alexandra & Matt.  This picture includes new members Corinne and Connor. 


The Modern Riffs Players: July 2010

Pictured Above (Left to Right):  Front:  Eileen, Molly, Anne, Alexandra, and Emma.  Rear: Greg, Bruce, Kim, Matt and Nick.  This picture includes Greg and Alexandra, who joined after the original group was formed.  Itís also the last picture for 3 of our charter members who have moved on Ė Molly, Emma, and Nick. 


The Original Modern Riffs Players: October 2008

 Pictured Above (Left to Right):   Front:  Nick, Bruce, Matt, and Kim. Rear: Molly, Emma, Anne and Eileen.  And of course, THE STANG...

And As College and Other Pursuits Beckon To Some of the Original Players,  Modern Riffs Has Welcomed New Players  as Shown Above